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10mm02 large

My Keepsakes

The featured keepsake box for the week of June 11, 2012 is 10mm02.  The beautiful cherry stained, felt-lined, lunch-pail shaped box is perfect for pictures, letters, post cards, or any treasured collectible or keeper for years to come.  Comes in two sizes with the largest measuring 8.5″x6″x6″ tall and has three pre-printed sayings to chose from:  Treasured Memories, Family Treasures, & My Keepsakes (shown in picture) or plain.  $25.99
The smaller box measures 7″x4.5″x5″ tall with three pre-printed sayings; My Memory Box, Treasured Moments, Live Love Laugh and also plain.  Sells for $21.99.  Can be purchased as a set $39.99.  You can mix or match the pre-printed sayings but quantities are limited.
You can also customize or personalize these keepsake boxes for an additional $7.50 per box up to 20 characters.  The lettering or numbers will be applied below the handle and above the hasp, if ordered plain, they will be placed above and below the hasp.  10mm02 in the search box.
My Racing Memories

As the Nascar Cup Series heats up, so is this great keepsake box for all those treasures you have collected through the years enjoying Nascar racing….

go to and search for 10MMo7 for this exciting keepsake box. 

Spanky and Darla…

Remember these Guys

Do we remember this popular TV show?  Can you name all the boys’ names? 

How about some other unusual items from the 50’s-60’s & even the 70’s.
 Gizmo the Gremlin, Hula hoops, Go-Go Boots, Liesure Suits, Roller Disco, Mood Rings, Pet Rocks, Pay Phones, Typewriters, Howdy Doody, Sonny & Cher, Mr. Whipple, Laurel & Hardy, Trolls, Slinky, Bell Bottoms, Rowan & Martin, Twiggy, Cootie Catchers, Rotary Phones, Sgt. Pepper, The Limbo, Saddle Shoes, 8 track players, Shirley Temple, Capt. Kangaroo / Mr. Greenjeans, or Culottes…WOW, what memories?  Some I miss, others, well, just not sure…
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Vacation 2012

Icefields in British Columbia

 My son was transferred from Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska to Ft. Riley in Kansas.  We decided to make the drive from Anchorage, through Canada…and make this a sight-seeing trip of a lifetime.  I flew up to Anchorage from Atlanta, GA and we began our trip on 5-10-12.  Driving from Anchorage to Tok, AK, then on to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory.  From there, we travelled to Muncho Lake in British Columbia and then onto Dawson Creek.  We made a slight detour on our way to Calgary, Alberta to see the Columbia Ice-fields.  Boy, are we glad we made that choice…the beauty is nothing short of WOW!

Other than stopping every few miles for pictures, this normal 2-3 hour trip took us over 8 hours.  Besides the magnificent beauty of the Canadian Rockies, the wildlife we saw was equally marvelous.  We took pictures of black bears, elk, caribou, a wolf, coyotes, moose, bison, and sheep.  What a beautiful place. 

Thank you Tommy, (my son) I will cherish this adventure for a lifetime.  The memories will fade over time, however the pictures will last forever.  I will make this trip a priority for my “Bearly Memories” keepsake box.  I hope someday he will be able to share these memories with his son and tell him through these pictures what a great time we had. 

Besides the Columbia Ice-fields, we went to Yellowstone National Park and saw Old Faithful, took in a baseball game at Coors Field in Denver, visited the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO; and visited cousins we had not seen in years.  Thanks Renee, Lori, and Aunt June…we had a great time.

Tommy settled in at his new job and I flew back to Atlanta…priceless memories

Well, I am back at work…selling “Bearly Memories” keepsake boxes.  Have to pay for this trip!  But, I will look back on this time, as one of the best vacations I have ever experienced.

Memories Matter, and should last a lifetime.  You too can keep your memories in a keepsake box by Bearly












10MM01 Plain Keepsake Box
Box of the Week 6/4/2012
  • Price $25.99 (plain or with pre-printed sayings…)
  • Customize or Personalize add $7.50 up to 20 characters
  • Gift sets and accessories available
  • Pre-printed Sayings: Golf Shots, Golf Memories, My Family Treasures
  • Tell us what you are looking for and our design team will make it happen.
  • Can be purchased as a gift set with beer glasses and shot glasses…see below



Time Piece Keepsake Box

Time to remember DAD 06/17/12

 Father’s Day is June 17, 2012. 

How important is your Father?  Do we have fond memories of what good ol DAD has meant to our family?  Is he brave, smart, responsible, risk-taker, funny, sometimes crazy?  Is he a good provider? 

Do you remember much about your birth or even your earlier years….bet your DAD does.  Teaching you to play catch, hitting a baseball, how to swim, tie a knot, helping you achieve a badge, or just taking you on one of many vacations that you will never forget.  Oh the memories.  Still have some of the photographs from these adventures?  I would bet DAD would like to be reminded from time-to-time about the good times. 

As our Dads get worn down through the years, it gets harder and harder to remember all these times.  The birth of your children, the early years, school challenges, trying to be in multiple places at once.  Soccer games, baseball practice, recitals, school functions, cub scouts or girl scouts, graduations, and all the ornery times you caused a stir, Dad was almost always there.  If not physically, he was definitely there in spirit.  He is our Rock.

Let’s keep reminding our Fathers how important they are. 



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Ever walk into a room and see a box sitting by the fireplace or on an end table and wonder…what’s in the box?  Why do people keep their treasures…those wonderful memories of years gone by?  Old photos when growing up…important letters from loved ones…old watches, collectibles, seashells, bottle caps, matchbooks, old magazines or articles of important matters.

How about vacation memories…if you are like me…I typically only get to take one or two truly great vacations about every five years.  Remember that special island, that really cool beach, that wonderful gift shop, that restaurant with the best seafood ever?

Know where those photos are?  Did you keep a map of the island, or a menu from the restaurant on the beach?  Remember the hours looking for that “special seashell”  How about some of the crazy car games while making that long trip…how many different states license plates did you see?  How about the time stopping for fruit, pecans, or just having breakfast at Waffle House?

Seeing your first palm tree, or orange grove…so excited to get there it became almost impossible to hold a single thought in your brain.  Hurrying to unload the car so you can get your swimsuit on and head to the beach…of course, Dad doesn’t see the sense of urgency.  Mom understands there is only so much daylight left, so she calmly, yet very gently prods everyone to help out so we can all enjoy the rest of the day.

Boy, what memories…eating at the Varsity when going through Atlanta on the way to Florida.  Traveling through all the small towns on the way to Lake Erie every summer.  Seeing that beautiful lawn in Bucyrus, or the Bay Bridge once arriving at the Lake.  Stopping at the “Scenic Overlooks” in the mountains, Oh, how I miss those days.

My sister just gave me a notebook full of pictures from the past.  Pictures of my Dad when he was a kid…drawings on the back of old shop papers…you see my Dad was an artist (non paid kind) and I never really understood or appreciated how good he was until looking through some these masterpieces.  This will go into my “Treasure Chest.”  I will never be able to thank my sister enough.  “Memories Matter” & “Memories Should Last a Lifetime”

Do you have a treasure chest?

Ted E Baer



Cappuccino Keepsake BoxLooking for that really unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone.  How about a keepsake box that can be the gift that keeps on giving.  Many of our friends put gift cards inside their keepsake box…many put a bottle of wine…some fill the box with golf balls, tees, and maybe a golf towel…but most important they give this gift as a reminder to keep our memories for the ones we care about the most.

Dreams Keepsake BoxWe have a variety of keepsake, and decorative boxes with some cool sayings pre-printed on the box. From, Family Treasures, Live Love Laugh, Baby Feats, Sisters, Treasured Memories, My Memory Box, Home Sweet Home, Freedom Box, Best Friends, Celebrate, Faith Family Friends, Christmas Cheer, Dreams, Keepers, Treasures…some even look very patriotic.  We have boxes “For a Cause” that contributes to the Alzheimer’s Foundation”  We at Bearly Memories believe the importance to hold on and remember our memories.

19th hole My KeepsakesThe PatriotGeorgia Trinket BoxWe have boxes that range from small jewelry box style, many that look like small lunch pails or treasure chests, up to trunk size.  Boxes that are great for recipe cards, to great looking keepsake boxes for the golfer.  Check out our website at  While time is running out…Come to our site…browse awhile…look around…ask questions on our live chat…let us know what you are looking for and we will help you find that perfect gift…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays……. and Thanks…

Ted E Baer