You see Toto…buying a keepsake box from Bearly Memories is really very simple.

1st:  click on the website or go to their main site at  and click on “Shop for a Cause” the big orange button below the picture.

2nd: pick a category…Keepsake Boxes, Golf Gifts, Keepsake Trunks, Decorative, or maybe even Deal of the Day…

3rd: Select a sub-category such as; customized, personalized, pre-printed sayings, or just plain keepsake boxes….most of these fall under the Category heading “Keepsake Boxes”

4th:  If you already know the item # or the name of the box you can just key that into the “Search Box”  That probably should be step 2.5…but you get the point.

5th:  Select the box you would like to purchase either from the “Our Featured Products” or from a Category / Sub-Category…Then just click the Add to Cart button…at this point you will either select the radio button for the type, style, name under the options or fill in the name or saying on the box…it may even say “Personalization or Customization”

6th: A shopping cart box will pop up and ask the question…continue shopping or checkout…click on what you want to do next….if you continue shopping, every time you hit add to cart it keeps a running total in your shopping cart.

7th: Under the item description will be a “View a list of options” it you filled in a name or saying it will show up in a separate window…if everything is OK…proceed to shipping rates.

8th: Under shipping rates: the box gives you an option of in-store pick-up or UPS Ground.  The in-store pick-up is if you are picking it up here at our facility, or someone here is going to deliver to your house locally…usually by a salesperson.  Most keepsake boxes are shipped UPS Ground.  If it asks for a zip code and state…the system will calculate the shipping and handling charges and add them to the price of the goods.  Products that add up to greater than $100.00 for the boxes / accessories SHIP FREE.

9th:  If you are a returning customer please sign in for faster checkout, if a new customer you can either register or checkout anonymously. You can either pay by Paypal (if you have an account) or pay by Credit Card….Visa, MC, Discover, or AMEX.

10th: Checkout page…billing information, shipping information, then hit place order…If you have any trouble with this process please go to contact us page, or call 404 346-1848.  Someone will help you through the process. 

Now that we have done that once…it will be much easier every time you need a unique gift such as a really cool keepsake box for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just any-day gift.

Thanks Toto for helping me explain this…



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