GolferGolf season is just coming into my favorite time to play.  Cool mornings, warm afternoons, and cold beer when we are done.

Does it get much better than that?

Remember, you need balls to play golf.  Or at best a really cool keepsake box where you can collect all the memories or best shots of the day.

2013 February 129Just go to to shop for this creative gift idea for the holidays.  Make that golfer in the family proud.


OMG (goodness) my little granddaughter has turned six years old today.  POPU loves you very much. 


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my sweet little Sarah,

Happy BIRTHDAY to YOU!!!!!!


Muncho Lake, British Columbia:  What a memory.  If you ever get the chance to travel the Alaska Hwy…this is a must see.  Preferably, go late summer, the lake should be thawed by then.  We went in May and still frozen, but beautiful beyond description.


This was not on the original bucket list…but it is now.  One of the most beautiful drives of my lifetime.  Someday, I will return.  Thank you Canada.



Freedom Box

If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you will have a chance to win this beautiful keepsake box. 


Elections have consequences…


R u on the right side? 


A drawing will be held on September 24th, 2012 and members of our newsletter will be in the hunt. 


Some lucky winner will be receiving this great looking box via UPS sent to their home or business within 10 days of the drawing.  LUCKY YOU. 


You can see this box at: 


Sign up and you may be included…


“Family Reunions”…Is this tradition dead….or just fading away?  My Mother’s side of the family has been having a family reunion now for decades.  Since I have was a small boy, I remember going to the park on a Sunday afternoon, to see all my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and some people I had no idea who they were…but they were connected to the family.


I, like many, moved away from my hometown right after high school.  I became part of the transient group who worked for the large corporation that moved you all over the USA, and even sometimes globally.  Back in the mid 70’s and all the way until 9/11 we were part of a society that couldn’t sit still.  Always on the move.  Always wanting more.


You start having kids, weekend soccer, vacations, school activities, and one of the things that sometimes gets sacrificed was the travelling back home for the “Family Reunion”.  I must admit, shame on me for missing some of the best times of our lives.  Watching our cousins grow up, staying closer to our hometown values, or just being “Home”. 


The family has changed in many ways through the years.  Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins have passed away, new babies born, marriages, divorces, and moving long distances from home have all contributed to the changing family life.


 While Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and the rest of the social media craze has allowed us to communicate much more, I feel we have all lost a little slice of that family tradition.  Societies evolve, things change, many for the better, but, I still miss the simpler times, the family traditions I missed out on…but I am not going to miss this “Family Reunion”.



At the “Cabin”






Who is going to win this weeks PGA Championship?

The famed Oceans Course on Kiawah Island, SC

Last years winner was Keegan Bradley at the Atlanta Athletic Club and in 2010 it was Martin Kaymer at Whistling Straits.

Playing for the coveted “Wannamaker” Trophy.


Who will it be this year….Tiger, Phil, Rory or someone from down under?

Good luck fellas…hit em long and staight.


Obama or Romney ?


This “Freedom Box” a perfect keepsake / collectible for “The Tea Party” group and other Freedom Lovers.


Two very nice ceramic patriotic mugs in a beautiful cherry stained felt lined keepsake box.  Measures 9″x7″x4″ tall


Also included a pocket constitution from the Heritage Foundation.  Retails for $39.99


Just go to    key in Freedom Box Gift Set in the search bar


Elections do have consequences…Remember to VOTE on November 6, 2012


Freedom isn’t FREE….Start a conversation with a friend with your two new coffee mugs.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,


Happy Birthday dear Abby, Happy Birthday to you… 


We are all very proud of you…and love you very much.


You see, Abby is my Granddaughter, and she is very precious and she is also 9 years old today.


Have a great day, with lots of great memories…NOW, can we start the PARTY ?


Love you………..Popu



Friends…do we ever have enough?


How about MEMORIES…?




Crazy Doll Grandkids

This beautiful cherry stained and felt-lined keepsake box is perfect for both Grandparents or for the Grandkids. 


Measures 9″ x 7″ x 4″ tall. Has the word “Grandkids” stenciled on the front panel.  


Included in the giftset are 5 crazy dolls. 


Retails for $54.99.  Just go to


In the search box type in 10mm05 sm CD and hit “Add to Cart”. 


Memories should last a lifetime.  10% of profits go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation