Recognize these folks?

Ok fellow trivia buffs:  What was Sheriff Andy’s last name?

1st episode aired on October 3, 1960…any ideas about the last episode?
What city in North Carolina was this show based?  That’s an easy one…
What were the two spin-offs from this popular program?
We can all remember, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, but who was the barber?
Who were the two service station attendants that were cousins?
The local drunkard that was always sleeping it off in the jail…?  Can you name Barney’s sweetheart?
How about Sheriff Andy’s School Teacher Sweetheart…? There was a kinda goofy County Clerk…..remember him…?  And can anyone remember the local handyman…?  If you do…you are really good…
Well, this one is a little tougher, but they ran (and still do) so many reruns…most of you will remember !!!
Brings back lots of memories…let’s not forget, Memories do Matter & Should Last a Lifetime
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Stay tuned for the answers…and more TV and movie trivia…

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