Oh, how could we ever forget this great sitcom?  One of my all-time favorites…”Leave it to Beaver” played by Jerry Mathers.

Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver!

With Ward and June Cleaver as the Beaver’s parents played by Hugh Beaumont and Barbara Billingsly, or Wally, the Beaver’s older brother, played by Tony Dow…all in Mayfield, USA.

Who could forget some of those wonderful characters…Eddie Haskell, ( Oh how nice you look today Mrs. Cleaver, is that a new dress? ) or Lumpy Rutherford, two of Wally’s friends.  Or how about the Beaver’s buddies; Larry, Gilbert and Whitey (always getting the Beaver in trouble).  Or the teacher Miss Landers.  Does this bring back a few memories.

The show produced 234 episodes from 1957-1963.  The show placed on Time Magazine’s 2007 list of 100 best TV shows of All-Time. WOW…

Memories do matter…they should last a lifetime…I know this show will be remembered…



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