Keepers Keepsake Box

This is a great starter keepsake box.  Product code 10mm03 with the pre-printed word “Keepers” on the front panel.  Cherry stained and felt-lined.  Measures 6.25″ x 5″ x 3.25″ tall. You can have the pre-printed words such as: Golf Supplies, Sisters, Tiny Treasures, Family, Baby Feats, or just Treasures.  You can also order plain and personalize or customize up to 10 letters or numbers for $7.50 more. Great for coins, watches, jewelry, marbles, or any small collectible.  Makes a great graduation, birthday, anniversary, or anyday gift.  Retail: $19.99.   A few other pictures of this beautiful keepsake box.  You can find this at 10mm03 in the search box. 





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