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Ever walk into a room and see a box sitting by the fireplace or on an end table and wonder…what’s in the box?  Why do people keep their treasures…those wonderful memories of years gone by?  Old photos when growing up…important letters from loved ones…old watches, collectibles, seashells, bottle caps, matchbooks, old magazines or articles of important matters.

How about vacation memories…if you are like me…I typically only get to take one or two truly great vacations about every five years.  Remember that special island, that really cool beach, that wonderful gift shop, that restaurant with the best seafood ever?

Know where those photos are?  Did you keep a map of the island, or a menu from the restaurant on the beach?  Remember the hours looking for that “special seashell”  How about some of the crazy car games while making that long trip…how many different states license plates did you see?  How about the time stopping for fruit, pecans, or just having breakfast at Waffle House?

Seeing your first palm tree, or orange grove…so excited to get there it became almost impossible to hold a single thought in your brain.  Hurrying to unload the car so you can get your swimsuit on and head to the beach…of course, Dad doesn’t see the sense of urgency.  Mom understands there is only so much daylight left, so she calmly, yet very gently prods everyone to help out so we can all enjoy the rest of the day.

Boy, what memories…eating at the Varsity when going through Atlanta on the way to Florida.  Traveling through all the small towns on the way to Lake Erie every summer.  Seeing that beautiful lawn in Bucyrus, or the Bay Bridge once arriving at the Lake.  Stopping at the “Scenic Overlooks” in the mountains, Oh, how I miss those days.

My sister just gave me a notebook full of pictures from the past.  Pictures of my Dad when he was a kid…drawings on the back of old shop papers…you see my Dad was an artist (non paid kind) and I never really understood or appreciated how good he was until looking through some these masterpieces.  This will go into my “Treasure Chest.”  I will never be able to thank my sister enough.  “Memories Matter” & “Memories Should Last a Lifetime”

Do you have a treasure chest?

Ted E Baer



Cappuccino Keepsake BoxLooking for that really unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone.  How about a keepsake box that can be the gift that keeps on giving.  Many of our friends put gift cards inside their keepsake box…many put a bottle of wine…some fill the box with golf balls, tees, and maybe a golf towel…but most important they give this gift as a reminder to keep our memories for the ones we care about the most.

Dreams Keepsake BoxWe have a variety of keepsake, and decorative boxes with some cool sayings pre-printed on the box. From, Family Treasures, Live Love Laugh, Baby Feats, Sisters, Treasured Memories, My Memory Box, Home Sweet Home, Freedom Box, Best Friends, Celebrate, Faith Family Friends, Christmas Cheer, Dreams, Keepers, Treasures…some even look very patriotic.  We have boxes “For a Cause” that contributes to the Alzheimer’s Foundation”  We at Bearly Memories believe the importance to hold on and remember our memories.

19th hole My KeepsakesThe PatriotGeorgia Trinket BoxWe have boxes that range from small jewelry box style, many that look like small lunch pails or treasure chests, up to trunk size.  Boxes that are great for recipe cards, to great looking keepsake boxes for the golfer.  Check out our website at  While time is running out…Come to our site…browse awhile…look around…ask questions on our live chat…let us know what you are looking for and we will help you find that perfect gift…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays……. and Thanks…

Ted E Baer